2nd Co-Create Day with Partner

2nd Co-Create Day with Partner

For the 2nd time, in the PrintCafe multi-purpose room by PressiousArvanitidis, another Co-create day with partner took place,
with guest Mr. Andreas Makripidis, Business Development Director of KAFKAS SA.

Co-create days with partner are the extension of the company’s internal trainings,
which have already been taking place for 2 years, with the difference that the presenter is an external partner
which according to his experience, presents with a specific subject.

This initiative has a great scope, gratitude and extroversion that PressiousArvanitidis is very proud of,
as it always seeks development and it is an honor to achieve this through its worthy partners.

The company’s plan is to continue hosting a Co-create day with partner every month,
while its internal trainings will continue to be held every Tuesday for employees.

We thank Mr. Andreas Makripidis and KAFKAS SA for the opportunity given to our people, to hear about a very interesting case study from a leader in his industry.